Rob Stewart Dies In Florida

We are sorry today… 

Sorry for the loss of a true underwater naturalist and a role model. 

I am sure majority of DiveWithSeaman readers know Rob Stewart as much as I do and respect him for everything he added to our world. 

Well-known documentary “Sharkwater” is a-must-watch film not only for scuba divers, but also for anyone who cares about nature and habitat. If you came here by searching “Rob Stewart” on Google, start to watch “Sharkwater” immediately, if you haven’t already.


Who Is Rob Stewart?

You guys know me.. I like to write about how people “lived” instead of how they “died

So, who is Rob Stewart? 

He is from Canada (Toronto), a marine biologist, film maker, photographer and conservationist. 

Started to use his underwater camera when he was only 13 and became a scuba instructor when he was 18. 

Before we knew Rob with Sharkwater, he travelled the world to take wildlife photos.  [Read more…]

Meet With Shark Angels

Regular readers of know how sensitive I am about consciousness and conservation.

I not only try to educate my students about scuba diving but also about conservation and consciousness about the environment they are/are going to dive.

This is a hard job. Because the majority of the people are unaware of the importance of the species, worse is they don’t even care about whether these species have importance or not. [Read more…]

You Are Killing Them

It was a shiny day and I was riding my bike. I was listening to Eddie Wedder‘s ‘Society‘ song with headphones when I saw a very large group of people. They were applauding, smiling and screaming in front of a big building.

I stopped, got off my bike. Removed my headphones and tried to understand what is going on. [Read more…]

Cancun’s Underwater Museum

Women and men holding hands of each other, a man burying his head into the sand, a parked Volkswagen and someone lying on the sheath of it.

Can you imagine all these underwater? You don’t have to. They are already there in Cancun, Mexico. [Read more…]

Consciousness in Diving

I’m sure you all have heard different versions of the story below:

One old man is jogging on a beach. In minutes, he sees a boy throwing the sea-stars into the sea. There are hundreds of these sea-stars on the sand, about to die. Possibly, they have stayed on the beach instead of being underwater as a result of a tide. The old man asks the young boy, [Read more…]