Scuba Diving Insurance

Scuba diving is fun. 

On the other hand, scuba diving involves some risks like every sports do, especially when it comes to outdoor sports. 

Scuba Diving InsuranceScuba divers and dive centers must be conscious in order not to regret if something goes all wrong during a scuba dive training/pleasure dive. 

As for the scuba divers, we all travel to dive in different parts of the world.

To be able to feel comfortable and be on the safe side, we better have a dive accident and dive travel insurance. 

As you see, there are different types of scuba diving insurance. 

Let’s take a look at them closely and see what each one covers below. 

Generally, scuba diving insurance is divided into three categories: [Read more…]

Three Simple Steps to Avoid Panic Underwater

You started your scuba diving course and you are on the shore /  poolside.

Your scuba diving instructor wanted you to kneel and breath underwater after a briefing about your very first scuba diving session. 

Maybe you were an amateur free diver and got used to with the mask, snorkel and fins, but not a tank and a regulator!

You are just like a koi out of its pond.

At this point, you may feel like in two different ways:

  1. Excited about what you are doing! You think breathing underwater and watching the aquatic environment is fantastic!
  2. Stressed about what you are doing! You feel extremely uncomfortable and want to step on the land again asap!

If you belong to # 1, go ahead and enjoy your dives. 

Whereas if you are # 2 type, I have something for you.  [Read more…]

Scuba Diving Books

We might have sharp scuba diving skills underwater like hovering, mask clearing and using alternate air soource. We can master these skills by practicing them enough.

Our academic knowledge about underwater physics, physiology, dive desease, dive tables and etc may also be good.

However, a scuba diver should always learn more to be able to be a better diver. Self improvement is the key.

For this purpose, we should read some informative books and watch educational documentaries (NatGeo is my favorite).

Today, I will suggest you to 6 books about scuba diving that I am sure you will improve yourself and become a better scuba diver than today.

Let’s start.

Fifty Places to Dive Before You Die

Fifty Places to DiveIn this book, written by Chris Santella, we are introduced fifty dive spots.

These dive spots are all around the world.

As far as I have seen, writer has been a good traveller. Chris has succeeded to evaluate the dive spots in a curious scuba diver’s shoes.

A golden bed-side traveler guide.

Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving, written by Dennis Graver, will simply teach you the basics of recreational scuba diving. Scuba Diving

Dennis Graver is an experienced scuba diving instructor. He has prepared this book not only for beginners, but also for instructors and experienced divers.
This book sold over 100.000 copies around the globe.
I especially liked the photographs used in Scuba Diving. Throw it into your backpack and re-read when you find time.

The Complete Diver

The Complete DiverThis guide, written by Alex Brylske Ph.D, is much more scientific and will let you know about the history of this outdoor sport.

The Complete Diver talks about the latest scuba diving technology as well as the future of recreational scuba. Decompression theory, ‘how to avoid’s, scuba diving medicine and safe diving practices are some chapters of this valuable guide.

Interested in science and history of scuba diving?

Then The Complete Diver will help you a lot!

Dive Atlas of the World

Dive Atlas of the World, written by Jack Jackson, will give you a detailed information about the dive Dive Atlas of the Worldspots around the world.

Jackson not only introduced the well-known dive sites, but also the recent explored ones. Dive spots are described and experts commented on each of them in Dive Atlas of the World. I really liked the maps in this guide. All spots are clearly mapped. A fascinating dive locater that will help you in your next dive adventure.

Diver Down

Diver DownDo you like Air Crash Investigation on National Geographic Channel?

Yes, we can learn a lot from mistakes and neglects. Diver Down: Real World Scuba Accidents and How to Avoid Them, written by Michael Ange, is talking about scuba accidents around the world. Well, when I started to read this book, I felt like watching a horror movie (to be honest), but the best way to learn about scuba diving safety is to know about the reality. Sad experiences occur. But if we don’t take lessons from them, these experiences will go on living.

An enervator but highly informative book.

How to Beat Mask Removal Skill

This e-book is especially written for scuba diver and / or scuba diver candidates taking their Open Water Diver Course and having difficulties with the mask removal and replacement skill.

How to Beat Mask Removal Skill, written by Murat Demirag (Yes, that’s me) is a complete how-to book with killer tips and exercises designed for beating this skill and get you your Open Water Diver certificate. If you are already a certified scuba diver but not feeling quite comfortable with mask removal and replacement skill, I suggest you to buy this e-book.

You’ll see how easier it will be to perform this skill in your next dive.

A helpful guide that I suggest.

Meet With Shark Angels

Regular readers of know how sensitive I am about consciousness and conservation.

I not only try to educate my students about scuba diving but also about conservation and consciousness about the environment they are/are going to dive.

This is a hard job. Because the majority of the people are unaware of the importance of the species, worse is they don’t even care about whether these species have importance or not. [Read more…]

You Are Killing Them

It was a shiny day and I was riding my bike. I was listening to Eddie Wedder‘s ‘Society‘ song with headphones when I saw a very large group of people. They were applauding, smiling and screaming in front of a big building.

I stopped, got off my bike. Removed my headphones and tried to understand what is going on. [Read more…]

Cancun’s Underwater Museum

Women and men holding hands of each other, a man burying his head into the sand, a parked Volkswagen and someone lying on the sheath of it.

Can you imagine all these underwater? You don’t have to. They are already there in Cancun, Mexico. [Read more…]

Consciousness in Diving

I’m sure you all have heard different versions of the story below:

One old man is jogging on a beach. In minutes, he sees a boy throwing the sea-stars into the sea. There are hundreds of these sea-stars on the sand, about to die. Possibly, they have stayed on the beach instead of being underwater as a result of a tide. The old man asks the young boy, [Read more…]