Suunto D6i Novo Review and Comparison

Hello all,

For couple of months, I have been trying the new Suunto D6i Novo to be able to write a detailed review about it for you. I hope you find this review helpful and it can serve you deciding on which dive computer to buy this season.

Suunto D6i Novo StoneFirst of all, if you are interested in purchasing a Suunto dive computer and you stopped by my blog, I advise you to read my “Suunto D6i Review” first, to be able to get an idea about this beautiful dive computer. What I’ll be telling you about in this review will most likely be the cont’d edition of my previous review about Suunto D6i. That because, ammmm… they are almost the same dive computer with “small” changes.

Okay, here we go.

3 months ago, I got my cargo.

I knew it was my brand new Suunto D6i Novo Stone and opened it really fast to see how it look like. [Read more…]

Suunto D6i Review

Suunto is a trusted and respected dive computer producer.

They produce high quality and durable dive computers with different designs and colors.

Suunto has introduced the new Suunto D4i Novo that I have written a review about. You can read the Suunto D4i Novo review here.

Today, I want to talk about another Suunto model: The Suunto D6i.


Suunto D6i KitWith one sentence, I can tell you that Suunto D6i is for serious divers.

There are four dive modes:

  1. Air
  2. Nitrox (you can use two mixtures, set their partial pressures -from 0.5 up to 1.6- and switch during the dive)
  3. Gauge (depth and bottom time is displayed without NDL calculations)
  4. Free Diving

There are four operating modes:

  1. Time
  2. Dive
  3. Plan
  4. Memory

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New Suunto D4I Novo Review

A dive computer is the brain of our total diving system that allows us to make safe dives. It is very important for divers to know about the current depth, bottom time and no-decompression limits for safety.

I am sure you all know about Suunto. Suunto is a reliable and well-known dive computer brand. It was founded in 1936, which makes it “a know-how store” in dive computer field.

D serie of the Suunto is a dive guru.

On January, 2014, Suunto released the new design of Suunto D4i. Its name is Suunto D4i Novo with four different color choices; Black, LimeBlue and White (guess which color is this 🙂.
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DivePhone Released

Innovasub has relased the DivePhone for your smartphones. Every diver who has a smart phone now can have a reliable dive computer. Designed by the Boğaziçi Underwater Research Center in Istanbul/Turkey. DivePhone is nothing less than a state-of-art dive computer. Do you use your Iphone for massaging, talking, The internet? Why not in your dives as a dive computer?

We as divers want fun and safe dives. Especially dive leaders are responsible for the other divers as well. Years ago, dive tables were designed for safe dives. Dive computers have taken place recently. We all know how important are dive computers for our dives. [Read more…]