Scuba Diving Insurance

Scuba diving is fun. 

On the other hand, scuba diving involves some risks like every sports do, especially when it comes to outdoor sports. 

Scuba Diving InsuranceScuba divers and dive centers must be conscious in order not to regret if something goes all wrong during a scuba dive training/pleasure dive. 

As for the scuba divers, we all travel to dive in different parts of the world.

To be able to feel comfortable and be on the safe side, we better have a dive accident and dive travel insurance. 

As you see, there are different types of scuba diving insurance. 

Let’s take a look at them closely and see what each one covers below. 

Generally, scuba diving insurance is divided into three categories: [Read more…]

Nitrogen Narcosis: Pull Yourself Together!

Have you ever seen a herd of zebra or an Asian elephant running towards you underwater? Couple of mermaids swimming peacefully, chasing you to follow them?

Don’t worry, you didn’t go nuts. But this is also something out of favor.

Nitrogen narcosis is simply “being tipsy underwater.”  But why and how this happens? [Read more…]

Decompression: Sickness or Illness?

I am always asked about these two terms when I meet non-divers or in my Open Water Diver classes. It is known that “decompression” is something bad and related to diving. It is one of the topics everybody is familiar, however minority of them really know what decompression is. In most languages (in Turkish for example), “illness” and “sickness” refer to the same word. But in fact, decompression sickness and decompression illness are different but related. [Read more…]