Underwater Housing for iPhone 6

Last week, I was on a dive boat, getting ready for my next dive.

I was final checking my scuba.

Then I saw a guy sitting next to my scuba, doing something with his iPhone.

I tried to understand what he is doing.

He was holding an underwater housing and making some adjustments to his iPhone 6.

I approached him and asked what he was doing.  [Read more…]

DivePhone Released

Innovasub has relased the DivePhone for your smartphones. Every diver who has a smart phone now can have a reliable dive computer. Designed by the Boğaziçi Underwater Research Center in Istanbul/Turkey. DivePhone is nothing less than a state-of-art dive computer. Do you use your Iphone for massaging, talking, The internet? Why not in your dives as a dive computer?

We as divers want fun and safe dives. Especially dive leaders are responsible for the other divers as well. Years ago, dive tables were designed for safe dives. Dive computers have taken place recently. We all know how important are dive computers for our dives. [Read more…]