Three Simple Steps to Avoid Panic Underwater

You started your scuba diving course and you are on the shore /  poolside.

Your scuba diving instructor wanted you to kneel and breath underwater after a briefing about your very first scuba diving session. 

Maybe you were an amateur free diver and got used to with the mask, snorkel and fins, but not a tank and a regulator!

You are just like a koi out of its pond.

At this point, you may feel like in two different ways:

  1. Excited about what you are doing! You think breathing underwater and watching the aquatic environment is fantastic!
  2. Stressed about what you are doing! You feel extremely uncomfortable and want to step on the land again asap!

If you belong to # 1, go ahead and enjoy your dives. 

Whereas if you are # 2 type, I have something for you.  [Read more…]

Key for Success in Scuba Diving

I am a scuba instructor for more than 15 years in PADI, SSI, NASDS and CMAS

I have trained over 750 scuba diving students in this period. 

When I start an Open Water Diver Course, I know two things will possibly happen throughout the course;

  1. My student, regardless of age, sex and nationality, will be afraid to try to conduct the “removing and replacing the scuba mask skill” 
  2. He / she will most likely think that scuba diving is a hard sport / activity requiring endurance and “maybe it is not something for him / her” (fewer than #1 but still valid)

In this post, I want to show you the way for success in scuba diving and how to kill these two points above (if you also have / had them) easily!

Ok, let me start with the first one; 

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7 Reasons You Need To Try Diving

Oscar WaterworthThis post is submitted by Oscar Waterworth, a writer and a researcher from Sydney, Australia. Oscar is publishing his article here as a Guest Blogger. I want to thank Oscar for this great post.

Vacation is a time when you visit new places and experiment with new things you have never tried before. This ranges from just visiting a new place to engaging into some of the most daring challenges of your life. There is however an activity that will allow you to do both of these things at the same time. This activity is diving and here are 7 reasons why it is a great idea for you to try it at least once in your life, as well as why your vacation might be a perfect place for you to start. [Read more…]

Scuba Equipment For Beginners


This is the word that should come to mind when talking about purchasing a scuba diving equipment.

No more, no less.

Scuba divers should buy the “proper” equipment for them.

An experienced diver, a tecnichal diver, a scuba insructor and an Open Water Diver have different needs. [Read more…]

Summer Is Coming For Diving!

It is the end of May.

We have a long summer time in front. It is a good opportunity to interact with the underwater world. We’ll be able to spend enough time near by the sea.

Why don’t you get wet and jump into the water? You have wait for a long period of time in winter, huh?

Well, if you are planning to explore the underwater world this summer, you got a couple of choices.

Take a cup of coffee, well, if it is starting to get hot in your town like mine, take a glass of cold soda then, relax and see what you can do as a recreation in your summer time.

Let’s take a look at our options to become an underwater explorer.


If you enjoy to see the life in shallow waters and it is okay to stay much of your time on the surface, snorkeling is just for you.

You can start your adventure just by getting a mask, snorkel and fins. That’s it! 

Snorkeling doesn’t cost you much and it is a good way to explore the underwater world by yourself.

You can easily equip, there is no need to mount any equipment. Snorkeling gear is always ready to use.

If you are planning to stay on the water for a couple of hours, you may also want to buy a thin shorty, which will be enough to protect you from possible scratches and loosing body temperature.

Buy a mask, snorkel and fins kit, a shorty if you’d like to and place them in your luggage. That’s it! They are ready to use wherever you go.

You can buy a quality snorkeling kit from

Free Diving

This option is suitable for the ones who are willing to stay under the water a little bit more than snorkelers.

Free diving is the art of staying underwater with our own abilities. It is a good way of meditation and advised for relaxation in your summer holidays.

Free diving may be your life style and you can go on doing it in whole year.

That’s because it is some kind of a challenge. You want to go deeper, stay longer.

As long as you get a proper training and know your own limits, free diving is a fantastic way to explore the underwater world as well as your inner world. 

You’ll need a dive buddy (for safety reasons), proper free diving training and a couple of equipment:

Mask, snorkel, fins (just like snorkeling), a free-diving wet suit and a weight belt.

Scuba DivingScuba Diving

Our third option, scuba diving is the last point if you want to stay underwater for more than a couple of minutes.

Scuba diving has several golden rules (read: 10 Golden Rules For Scuba Diving) and it is really technical, which needs a qualified proper training from a certified scuba diving trainer.

With any of the scuba diving agencies, your first certification will allow you to dive up to 18 meters with a dive buddy.

A typical scuba dive takes at least half an hour.

You can be an underwater photographer, for example and both enjoy the life under the water and share it with your friends and family, create your own gallery and more! 

Don’t forget to get certified, stay within your own and scuba diving tables limits and always dive with a buddy.


Snorkeling, free diving or scuba diving…

Which ever you choose, you will possibly have a great life time hobby, you won’t sweat in summer like you do in other sports and relax to find your inner peace.

Remember to obey the rules of snorkeling, free diving and scuba diving. 

Always carry a buoy with you in your dives and never dive alone.

Dive. You won’t regret. 

You can also check out our supported e-store for different equipment and prices.

First Touch With the Big Blue

Today, I want to introduce you with my fellow SSI scuba instructor: Baris SENDEMIR. He is an experienced scuba instructor and an underwater naturalist. Couple of weeks ago, Baris has told me about his very first scuba dive in his life. It has been a Try Scuba Diving Programme. Baris has also talked about his dive students and noted that his favorite scuba course that he loves to give is also Try Scuba Diving Programme.

I have wanted Baris to write an article about this programme and mix his first dive with the advises for my readers who’d like to try scuba one day. Baris has also mentions the feeling when you are diving with a literary expression. Have a good reading…

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