Scuba Equipment For Beginners


This is the word that should come to mind when talking about purchasing a scuba diving equipment.

No more, no less.

Scuba divers should buy the “proper” equipment for them.

An experienced diver, a tecnichal diver, a scuba insructor and an Open Water Diver have different needs. [Read more…]

How to Start Scuba Diving?

If you are reading this article, it means that you are interested in scuba diving. As for every hobby, starting is the most important part. If you cannot enjoy a hobby from the start, you wouldn’t succeedd and as a result, you wouldn’t go on doing it.

Scuba diving is not a simple hobby. It requires technical knowledge and experience. Because it has some risks as every outdoor sport has. Therefore, you should have a good training. This is where your search starts.

First, you need to now a little bit about diving agencies (you can also call them diving systems). [Read more…]