5 Ways to Make Relaxed Dives

We are all diving for pleasure.

So scuba diving should be fun and relaxing.

If we can ‘avoid stress‘, we can feel both comfortable and self-confident. [Read more…]

Nitrogen Narcosis: Pull Yourself Together!

Have you ever seen a herd of zebra or an Asian elephant running towards you underwater? Couple of mermaids swimming peacefully, chasing you to follow them?

Don’t worry, you didn’t go nuts. But this is also something out of favor.

Nitrogen narcosis is simply “being tipsy underwater.”  But why and how this happens? [Read more…]

Dive Buddies

“Buddy” means friend or partner. When we use it in scuba diving, it is two divers who are responsible for each other. We dive with buddies because it is very important for safety, especially for potential emergencies. In scuba diving, a diver cannot dive alone. No solo diving is allowed. For a safe and comfortable dive, every conscious diver should [Read more…]