GoPro Hero 7 Black Edition for a Scuba Diver

The new edition of GoPro; GoPro Hero 7 Black Edition surely has couple of pros and cons for a regular action-cam users. 

But the review below is NOT for just a regular “on-land” fellow. 

This GoPro Hero 7 review is written for scuba divers like me and the followers of this old blog, who love to capture beautiful photos and videos underwater. 


  1. GoPro Hero 6 Vs. Hero 7 (in terms of their tech specs)
  2. Pros of GoPro Hero 7  for a Scuba Diver 
  3. Cons of GoPro Hero 7 for a Scuba Diver
  4. What Seaman Says
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GoPro Hero 6 Underwater Performance

Hello everyone 

Welcome to, today I will be talking about the underwater performance of the GoPro Hero 6 as well as the accessories I use for my underwater videos. 

GoPro Hero 6 Underwater PerformanceOkay, first of all, we should understand that GoPro is an action-cam; what you expect has to be great underwater photos and videos, no doubt for that but you need more than just your GoPro. Unlike the DSLRs that have multiple lens, flash, strobe and etc to choose from, GoPro accessories that really help you in your underwater adventures are unfortunately limited. Don’t care about how much result is displayed on Google when you type “Gopro underwater accessories,” majority of them are useless. 

You will need a couple of accessories I will be sharing with you along with your GoPro Hero 6 to be able to shoot videos like a professional. The name it self is Go Pro and at the end of this post, you will learn what you actually need to shoot like a professional underwater videographer! 

Ok, after this briefing, we can go into details. 

First of all, I want to share you guys what accessories I use with my GoPro Hero 6 while shooting videos underwater.

Accessories I Use For my Underwater Videos along with my GoPro Hero 6

Below is the list of accessories I always use in my dives.

Whether I take a video of one of my dive students in their training dive or a giant grouper swimming around me, I use these regardless of the depth. These are only the essentials, the list can be expanded for sure, but these are the ones I personally use and taking great videos underwater. You will not need much more than these as I have experienced.

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How Deep Can a GoPro Go?

Whether you are a scuba diver, a snorkeler or a regular swimmer, you want to know the maximum depth a GoPro can go. 

As a scuba diver myself, I use my GoPros to be able to shoot wrecks and giant groupers in my dives. 

The absolute maximum depth for recreational scuba diving is 131 feet / 40 meters

Thus, my underwater camera should be able to shoot videos at this depth. 

Thankfully, GoPro action cams are not only splash proof, but also water proof. But what are the limits, right? 

Caution: Do NOT exceed the recreational dive limits even though you are using a GoPro dive housing that is capable of go deeper.

What is the Depth Limit of a GoPro?

Being able to reply this question is not that easy. 

There are versions of GoPros and their waterproof depth limits are different. 

Let me share these limits with you below with a simple table:  [Read more…]

Ken Stewart is Now a Scuba Diving Hero

A veteran diver who was searching for a test, Ken Stewart was pulled in to the thoroughness and train of consolidating plunging and oceanic prehistoric studies. His change drove him to the establishing of Plunging With a Reason, which educates qualified jumpers the nuts and bolts of sea archaic exploration, with an exceptional spotlight on investigating the sea heritage of the African slave exchange. DWP has committed incalculable volunteer hours to ventures for NOAA, the National Stop Administration and the Smithsonian, and has made incorporation of adolescent and youthful grown-up jumpers an exceptional concentration, encouraging comprehension of our mutual national legacy and what its submerged remains can show us.

Photo credit:

How did Diving with a Purpose come to fruition?

Diving With a Purpose began in 2003 through an organization between the National Stop Administration and individuals from the National Relationship of Dark Scuba Jumpers. In 2003, Karuna Eberl, maker of a narrative called The Guerrero Venture [which reports the scan for the slave dispatch Guerrero, lost in the Biscayne National Stop zone in 1827], reached me. Around then, I was the southern local rep for Catches; she inquired as to whether I knew any dark jumpers she could meet for her narrative, and I place her in contact with a few Captures individuals. The star of the film was a young woman named Brenda Lanzendorf, the recreation center paleontologist at Biscayne National Stop. A couple of months after the fact I went down to Biscayne and presented myself; Brenda and I had a long and productive discussion. The exact opposite thing she said to me before I exited was, “There are numerous disaster areas in the recreation center, and being the solitary jumper, I require some assistance,” on the grounds that as a scuba jumper, you ought to never plunge alone. I went home and pondered it, and I conveyed an email to my jump list, “Tired of A similar Old Plunging? We should Jump With a Reason.” And DWP was conceived. [Read more…]

Which SD Card to Use For GoPro ?

One of the disadvantages of a GoPro action cam is the lack of a built-in memory. 

We order our GoPro, waiting for it to be shipped. 

I know how exciting it is to hold your first GoPro in your hands you always dreamed. 

You push the button to turn it on. 

But WTH?

It gives an error that doesn’t let you to take a photo / record a video just even for a test shot. 

Your GoPro tells you that you need an SD-Card. 

At this point, what you should know is that NOT every SD-Card is working properly with our Go-Pros. 

After trying couple of SD-Cards that didn’t really work with my own GoPros, I decided to help you with this to help you have a joyful GoPro experience. 

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GoPro Diving Light Suggestion

I am writing GoPro reviews since 2014.

Since I am a scuba diver, I generally try to help readers about the underwater performance of each GoPro as much as I can.

On the land, we always have daylight during the day.

When it is rainy and/or cloudy, we use some lights to illuminate the object we are focused.

Generally speaking, when it is sunny and we are in an open environment, we don’t have to use a light.

However, this is not as simple as this (not talking about the pro shots, for sure) underwater.

Why We Need a Diving Light Underwater?

When you are at 10 meters, there is no more red color.

At 20 meters, there is no more orange.

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Underwater Camera or Action Cam?

Scuba divers only had underwater cameras with housings and o-rings back in 90’s. 


The only discussion was about the brand; we were asking our friends which underwater camera to purchase…

It was already hard to choose eventhough there weren’t hundreds of options we had at those times. 

Now, our decision making process is even more complicated. 

At the beginning of 2000’s, we met with GoPro and this changed everything. 

Before brands, now we have to decide which one should we buy: an underwater camera or an action cam?

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The Best Diving Spots in the Philippines


This post is submitted by Jess Signet, blogger and writer from Miami, Florida. Jess is publishing her article here as a Guest Blogger. I want to thank Jess for this great post.

Thanks to Dive With Seaman for sharing my article on the best diving spots in the Philippines. As an avid traveler and diver, their site has been a go-to resource for me. If you’re contemplating learning to dive on your next vacation, I recommend you read this article outlining seven reasons you absolutely need to try it!

Whether you’re a beginner or a master, you’re sure to find a dive spot in the Philippines that suits both your experience level and your dive interests. The country is undoubtedly one of the premiere dive destinations in the world—and especially because it’s a lot cheaper to dive in the Philippines than it is in many other countries! There are tons of different dive spots scattered around the country though, so how do you choose just one as your ideal dive destination? [Read more…]

SeaLife Micro HD Review

Finally, I got my cargo one week ago.

I was really excited about my new “toy.

Signed the paper for the delivery man, closed the door and ran to my bedroom like a child, holding the box ready to get opened!

There it was!

My SeaLife Micro HD 32 GB with Wireless (simply called SeaLife Micro HD+)  was ready to get unleashed.

I opened the box in a rush. [Read more…]

OTS Guardian Full Face Mask Review

I have always loved the idea of breathing both from my mouth and nose underwater.

No dry throat after a dive, no jaw fatigue and no cold face! Beyond these, you can even communicate with your buddy if you use the proper equipment within your full face mask.

Sounds cool, doesn’t it?

Using a full face mask during your dives is very comfortable.

However, most full face mask owners (including me) complain about the seal.

If your full face mask doesn’t seal well, you consume more air, cannot effectively communicate with your buddy/boat and of course it is very uncomfortable to clear your mask frequently.

But there is a full face mask which seals 100% regardless of the shape of your face. There are also other key features to help a diver make safe and comfortable dives!

OTS Guardian Full Face Mask6How I Met With OTS Guardian Full Face Mask

Last week, I was in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt.

I met Jim, a British dive lover who is diving with a full face mask.

We were in the same boat, even in the same dive group.

During Jim’s preparations for our dive, I realized that it was an OTS Guardian Full Face Mask.

I have seen it on the Internet couple of times and red the comments about this unique full face mask.

Then I decided to see Jim underwater with his OTS Guardian Full Face Mask and watch for his comfort.

He was very pleasant during his dive.

I didn’t see him clearing his mask once!

That seemed to be awesome.

Couple of minutes later in Ras Mohammed National Park, I saw an Eagle Ray swimming towards us!

I was freaking out to be able to point this beautiful ray to my buddy because she was looking somewhere else. I tried to reach her and poke, used my shaker and etc. By the way, the eagle ray ran away!

But for Jim and his buddy, this was simple. Because they were able to communicate.

They watched and admired this wonderful creature while my buddy was looking somewhere else and I was trying to get her attention.

When we were back on he boat, I asked Jim about his OTS Guardian Full Face Mask.

He said it is very comfortable and sealing is never a problem.

Guess what?

He asked me if I want to use his OTS Guardian Full Face Mask in our next dive!

I was able to test OTS Guardian Full Face Mask for me and of course for you guys.

Key Features of OTS Guardian Full Face MaskOTS Guardian Full Face Mask5

I want to talk about the useful features of OTS Guardian Full Face Mask including my personal experience with this product.

If you have any questions about these features, please don’t hesitate to ask them in the comments section right below the article.

Double Sealing

OTS Guardian Full Face Mask’s best feature!

It has two seals.

There is an extra seal right above the original skirt seal.

This makes OTS Guardian Full Face Mask fit on all type of faces.

Whether you have a slim face or bushy beard, you don’t have to think about leaking. I have tried it in every positions underwater and even in up-side-down, no leaking!


Buy OTS Guardian Full Face Mask From 


Unique Equalization System

As you know, ear equalization is a question mark for divers who have never used a full face mask before.

Simply, there is a “clip” in your mask where your nose is. This “clip” squeeze your nose to help you inhale slowly and equalize.

This clip simulates your thumb and index finger just like you are performing a valsalva maneuver.

However, in most full face masks, your nose wasn’t exactly fitting this clip. Because every person has a unique length between their chins and noses.

OTS Guardian Full Face Mask offers us a fine tunable equalization system.

There are two bases in the equalization kit. One has no holes on it and you can easily set it to “high” or “low” position. This standard base is powered by suspension.

The other base has two holes. If you need to use additional pads, you can attach them to this base. Just try one of the pads and the second base if the standard base doesn’t fit.

By this way, everyone can easily equalize.

OTS Guardian Full Face Mask4Wider View

OTS Guardian Full Face Mask is a low volume mask.

Air trapped inside your mask doesn’t pull it to the surface.

It is hydrodynamic, it doesn’t vibrate in the middle of a current/when you move forward.

Last but not least, due to the low volume, the lens of the mask is closer to your eyes, resulting a better, wider view.

Right Sided Hose

The regulator hose comes over your right shoulder.

First I thought it is not that necessary, it could have come from m left shoulder.

However, right sided regulator hose is helpful because we all get used to it !


Watch the Video Below to See the OTS Guardian Full Face Mask In Action!



Adjustable Strap System

Just like the majority of the full face masks, OTS Guardian Full Face Mask has a two straps (also called spider strap).

You can easily adjust the straps by using the buckles. This way, your OTS Guardian Full Face Mask fits 100%.

The spider strap will readjust itself during your descent/ascend. That is a really helpful issue.

What is good with OTS Guardian Full Face Mask’s buckles is their stability. They made of hard plastic, so it looks like it takes a long period to wear.

In addition, because buckles are made of hard plastic rather than metal, they never rust! Rusting buckles are nightmares because they last very soon.

When your buckles get old enough, you can change it easily.

Surface Ambient Air BreathingOTS Guardian Full Face Mask3

This feature is what I like most with OTS Guardian Full Face Mask.

On the surface, you can save your gas by using Surface Ambient Air Breathing System (functions like a snorkel).

When opened, you breath the air outside your mask when you are on the surface then you close the valve and start to descend, switch back to the tank breathing.

When the Surface Ambient Air Breathing System is opened, there is only a one-way gas exchange. The valve takes the air in the mask, but you exhale through your second stage. This helps to get rid of Co2 in your mask.

Even if you forget to close your Surface Ambient Air Breathing System, the valve closes itself due to the increasing pressure. However, it gets a little bit of harder to breath. This is how you realize that you have forgotten to close your system and do it easily.

Surface Ambient Air Breathing System is a little wheel outside your mask (near your right eye). It is very easy to reach it!

OTS Guardian Full Face Mask Second Stage

The second stage is designed for full face mask.

You can breath easily, without force.

Mounting it to the OTS Guardian Full Face Mask is easy and demounting is even easier by the help of a single button.

There is a notch system to help you align your second stage on your OTS Guardian Full Face Mask. Then you lock it!

There are two exhaust ports on the left of the second stage. Not being at the bottom of the second stage, you see no bubbles during your dives.

Purge button is large enough and I didn’t find it hard to purge the second stage.

OTS Guardian Full Face MaskStoring Your OTS Guardian Full Face Mask

OTS Guardian Full Face Mask is a good looking mask, however it has an even better looking bag to store it.

It comes free with the purchase.

This bag looks like a regulator bag but it is thicker.

It gives your OTS Guardian Full Face Mask the best drying position.

You can either use the handle or shoulder strap to carry your full face mask.

Color Options

Yes ! Color is life!

Just like every one of us, equipment should also be colorful.

There are 7 color choices in

I personally loved the blue-black version.


Buy OTS Guardian Full Face Mask From


Want to Communicate With Your Buddy?

If you want talk underwater, you can use the communication model of OTS Guardian Full Face Mask.

Below are the features of the communication system:

  • 50 to 500 meters of range depending on the sea condition
  • Upper single sideband (USB) used with Transmission Type Ultrasound
  • 1/2 Watt PEP of Transmission Power
  • Standard frequency Freq. A : 32.768 kHz USB
  •  Earphone Ceramic Microphone ME-16R Hot-Mic
  • Alkaline 9V or Ultralife lithium 9V Battery Type (batteries are not included when purchased)
  • 130 feet (almost 40 meters) of maximum operating depth

What Does Seaman Say?OTS Guardian Full Face Mask2

First of all, this is one of the unique products that I suggest to everyone.

You’ll not suffer any jaw fatigue and/or dry throat.

This mask doesn’t fog due to the air system.

Adjustable equalizing kit helps every diver to equalize without effort.

Color options are beautiful.

Because there is always positive pressure in the mask, flooding is not an option. But if it happens somehow, you can easily clear your mask with a single purge button.

Ambient Breathing Valve is a great add-on to save air.

The only con for OTS Guardian Full Face Mask is the price.

It seems to be a little bit of expensive, but the cost benefit ratio does the math!

I advice all the divers to purchase OTS Guardian Full Face Mask, but don’t forget to take a full face mask course before starting to use this great mask.

Buy OTS Guardian Full Face Mask From