Ken Stewart is Now a Scuba Diving Hero

A veteran diver who was searching for a test, Ken Stewart was pulled in to the thoroughness and train of consolidating plunging and oceanic prehistoric studies. His change drove him to the establishing of Plunging With a Reason, which educates qualified jumpers the nuts and bolts of sea archaic exploration, with an exceptional spotlight on investigating the sea heritage of the African slave exchange. DWP has committed incalculable volunteer hours to ventures for NOAA, the National Stop Administration and the Smithsonian, and has made incorporation of adolescent and youthful grown-up jumpers an exceptional concentration, encouraging comprehension of our mutual national legacy and what its submerged remains can show us.

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How did Diving with a Purpose come to fruition?

Diving With a Purpose began in 2003 through an organization between the National Stop Administration and individuals from the National Relationship of Dark Scuba Jumpers. In 2003, Karuna Eberl, maker of a narrative called The Guerrero Venture [which reports the scan for the slave dispatch Guerrero, lost in the Biscayne National Stop zone in 1827], reached me. Around then, I was the southern local rep for Catches; she inquired as to whether I knew any dark jumpers she could meet for her narrative, and I place her in contact with a few Captures individuals. The star of the film was a young woman named Brenda Lanzendorf, the recreation center paleontologist at Biscayne National Stop. A couple of months after the fact I went down to Biscayne and presented myself; Brenda and I had a long and productive discussion. The exact opposite thing she said to me before I exited was, “There are numerous disaster areas in the recreation center, and being the solitary jumper, I require some assistance,” on the grounds that as a scuba jumper, you ought to never plunge alone. I went home and pondered it, and I conveyed an email to my jump list, “Tired of A similar Old Plunging? We should Jump With a Reason.” And DWP was conceived. [Read more…]

7 Reasons You Need To Try Diving

Oscar WaterworthThis post is submitted by Oscar Waterworth, a writer and a researcher from Sydney, Australia. Oscar is publishing his article here as a Guest Blogger. I want to thank Oscar for this great post.

Vacation is a time when you visit new places and experiment with new things you have never tried before. This ranges from just visiting a new place to engaging into some of the most daring challenges of your life. There is however an activity that will allow you to do both of these things at the same time. This activity is diving and here are 7 reasons why it is a great idea for you to try it at least once in your life, as well as why your vacation might be a perfect place for you to start. [Read more…]

Cancun’s Underwater Museum

Women and men holding hands of each other, a man burying his head into the sand, a parked Volkswagen and someone lying on the sheath of it.

Can you imagine all these underwater? You don’t have to. They are already there in Cancun, Mexico. [Read more…]

Why Scuba ?

We are all scuba divers. We love to dive underwater and stay as much as we can. When i meet new “non-diver people” and the word comes to scuba diving, they look at me as if i am crazy. Then they ask questions like where i am diving, how deep i have dived at most and last but not least, am i not getting scared underwater…

I can imagine you smiling if you are a scuba diver, because i am sure you’re also hearing these. Yes, but sometimes i do agree with these guys. Why are we diving? [Read more…]