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November 14, 2015

The Best Diving Spots in the Philippines


This post is submitted by Jess Signet, blogger and writer from Miami, Florida. Jess is publishing her article here as a Guest Blogger. I want to thank Jess for this great post.

Thanks to Dive With Seaman for sharing my article on the best diving spots in the Philippines. As an avid traveler and diver, their site has been a go-to resource for me. If you’re contemplating learning to dive on your next vacation, I recommend you read this article outlining seven reasons you absolutely need to try it!

Whether you’re a beginner or a master, you’re sure to find a dive spot in the Philippines that suits both your experience level and your dive interests. The country is undoubtedly one of the premiere dive destinations in the world—and especially because it’s a lot cheaper to dive in the Philippines than it is in many other countries! There are tons of different dive spots scattered around the country though, so how do you choose just one as your ideal dive destination?

Image courtesy of Derek Keats under CC BY 2.0

Here are our picks for the best dive spots:

For the Beginner: Sabang Bay

If you haven’t got your deep-water clearance yet or just want an easy dive for your morning, Sabang Bay is for you. You’ll find plenty of sea life to entertain you, all without having to go deeper than about 3.5 meters. If you go a little further out to the wrecks, you’ll find the current and can drift back to shore during the course of a dive. It’s a short trip from the bay to Long Beach, where you can relax and get that island vacation feel if you’re not into diving all day, every day.

For the Shark Lover: Apo Reef

This marine sanctuary is really wonderful for any diver, regardless of their interests, but it’s one of the places where you frequently see sharks, rays and other larger aquatic life. It’s considered one of the best dive spots in the world and is well-known to divers from its frequent appearances in magazines and other diving news sources. Shark-lovers might also be interested in diving at Malapascua Island, one of the few places in the world where you might have the opportunity to see Thresher sharks.

For the Fish Friend: Tubbataha Reef National Park

This national park and UNESCO Heritage Site is a must-see for anyone who loves aquatic species. The reef is home to hundreds of species of fish and coral, as well as a variety of sharks, dolphins, whales and more. Although there are plenty of dive spots in the Philippines that are rich in wildlife, Tubbataha is definitely one of the most diverse spots.

For the History Buff: Coron Bay

Coron Bay is a highly interesting place to take a dive. Here lie the remains of more than half a dozen Japanese ships that were sunk in an air raid about a year before the end of World War II. Divers argue over which of the wrecks is the best to explore, but the Irako Maru, which is almost totally intact and thus allows a lot of options for penetration, is one of the most fascinating despite being only a supply ship. You have plenty of options though.

With all this wonderful diving in the Philippines, every day will wear you out! Then again, that’s why you can stream Netflix on your tablet, right? (Remember though, if you haven’t already done so, you probably need to set up a VPN to get around Netflix’s geo-blocking methods and allow you to watch Netflix while abroad!) Slather on the sunscreen, enjoy your dives and then enjoy all the Philippines has to offer for a vacation spot.

What other diving spots do you recommend? Share in the comments below!

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