Triton Oxygen Mask for Diving

Ever wondered how 007 Agent James Bond manages to stay underwater for what feels like an eternity? He doesn’t even wear any scuba gear, so what’s his secret? Or how Jedi’s wear a Star Wars rebreather in the movies.

In the movies Thunderball and Die Another Day, James Bond uses a unique gadget called a small rebreather. This little gadget is capable of extracting oxygen that has been dissolved in the water.

Meet The Triton Oxygen Mask

Triton Oxygen Mask

Designed by a Korean student Jebyun Yeon, this Triton Oxygen Mask is nothing but a flop. It claimed to be a revolutionary gadget that would allow people to breathe underwater without a scuba tank and regulator.

The idea behind the Triton Oxygen mask was simple.

It would act like an artificial gill, and in these “gills”, there were holes smaller than water molecules that would help the oxygen molecules enter the system.

A very small compressor is used to compress the oxygen collected and stores it in a tank. This micro compressor is energized by a micro battery.

So, all the user had to do was bite the Triton mouth piece.

How Does the Triton Rebreather Work?

On deepseanews.comDr. Alistair Dove wrote a great article about the feasibility of the Triton rebreather.

According to Dr. Alistair Dove, humans inhale 500 mls of air for each breath.

As we know, oxygen is in 21% of the air we breath. When we exhale, 16% of this oxygen is gone. So, we only consume 5% of the oxygen when we breath.

Which makes out to be about 25 mls or 0.025 liters of oxygen.

Avogadro’s Law tells us that one mole of any gas is 22.4 liters.

If 22.4 liters is one mole, 0.025 liters is 0.00111 moles. So in every breath, we take 0.00111 moles of oxygen.

One mole is oxygen (o2) weighs 32 grams.

So, 0.00111 * 32 makes 0.03552 grams of oxygen equalling 35.52 milligrams.

Even a high oxygenated ocean surface can have 6 milligrams of oxygen per liter.

Which means that;

Triton rebreather should be filtering 35.52/6=5.92 liters of water.

An average person breaths 15 times per minute while resting.

5.92*15=88.8 liters per minute.

That’s close to 90L of water that the Trition Rebreather has to filter into oxygen, as well as store it, every minute. It’s just not feasible.


Whilst it may sound like an incredible idea, unfortaunely it’s just not possible in it’s current state. It’s also not available to purchase anywhere, as it’s nothing but a concept, you cannot purchase it anywhere, not even ebay!

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