Monday January 27 2020

Try Scuba Diving

Have you ever wondered how scuba divers feel underwater and how they can breath comfortably bu using their equipment? Everything is different underwater when you compare it with your everyday life. Colors, sounds, creatures, gravity and much more…

What Is Try Scuba Diving?

Try Scuba Diving is a programme that allows you to experience “a piece of” a scuba dive. Try Scuba Diving can be made from a shore or a dive boat. Maximum depth for a Try Scuba Diving programme should not be deeper than 6 meters (it may change from system to system, but it shouldn’t be deep). That’s because the one who is trying scuba has no theorical knowledge and doesn’t know any diving skills. In case of a stress, the try scuba diver should be able to surface easily. The depth limit is both for physical and psychological safety.

Try scuba diving programme lasts for 15 minutes in average. The dive professional should not take more than two try scuba divers at a time. Ideally, a dive professional should dive with one try scuba diver each time. Because when two try scuba divers are underwater, one of them may need assistance and the dive professional helps him/her. But with a small possibility, if both try scuba divers need assistance at the same time, it might be difficult for the dive leader to help them both.

Why to Try Scuba Diving?

You may not have enough time when you are on a vacation but still want to scuba dive. The scuba diving courses take a couple of days to complete. So, you can take the Try Scuba Diving Programme and enjoy your dive.

Or, you may want to test yourself about scuba diving by joining Try Scuba Diving. If you are hesitating about taking a scuba diving course for some reasons (am i going to feel comfortable and safe, am i going to be able to breath as much as i wish from the regulator, are those equipment heavy or do they lighten because of the buoyant force and etc), this is what you should do before giving up because of these questions in your mind. You’ll see that you are going to feel great and send away those questions. Remember that the realities take place of the fantasies. And you’ll only realise the realities when you try scuba diving. After this experience, you can go on with your scuba diving courses and become a certified scuba diver (See Traning page for a typical entry level scuba course).

For making you feel how magical is the first touch with the underwater, i advise you to read my fellow dive instructor Baris SENDEMIR‘s article: First Touch With the Big Blue.