Monday January 27 2020


Underwater compass is used for navigation. Compass works with the Earth’s magnetic field.

It is reliable and being used for hundreds of years for navigation on the seas. A compass doesn’t get affected by the angle of sun, by pressure, visibility or water.

Underwater CompassA compass always points North.

Here is how to use a compass for going straight underwater:

  1. Hold the compass exactly parallel to the surface/bottom
  2.  Point the lubber red line to your direction
  3. Turn the bezel (turning ring on the compass) while holding the compass fixed. Needle pointing the North should be pointing the notch (pointing the 0 °).
  4. Always keep the needle pointing the notch while fin-kicking. You’ll be going exactly straight.
  5. When you want to return to shore/boat, turn 180°. You’ll do this by turning from the previous position till the needle points 180°.
  6. Turn the bezel again till the notch comes right in front of the needle (needle should point 0° again). Great job! You are heading to your starting point again.

Here is a video from expervillage you can watch what I have talked about above.

Underwater compass usage should be learned from a dive professional. There are such specialty courses in dive agencies. Generally named “underwater navigation“, these specialty course not only teaches you how to use a compass but also the natural navigation (read Continuous Training).

I advise you to buy a compass as an addition to you dive console. That’s because you are saving a room for one piece of equipment. You cannot forget/lost your compass.

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