Underwater Housing for iPhone 6

Divers who share this will always see more fish in their dives

    Last week, I was on a dive boat, getting ready for my next dive.

    I was final checking my scuba.

    Then I saw a guy sitting next to my scuba, doing something with his iPhone.

    I tried to understand what he is doing.

    He was holding an underwater housing and making some adjustments to his iPhone 6.

    I approached him and asked what he was doing. 

    He said he has started scuba diving a couple of weeks ago and wants to become an underwater photographer.

    This is an underwater housing for iPhone 6” he replied.

    I have seen underwater housings for mobile phones before, but they were only able to dive up to certain limits which were very low, produced for pool-only.

    Watershot” was the brand of this underwater housing for iPhone 6.

    I noted it on my Plexiglas.

    Underwater Housing for iPhone 6That was a great idea if it was really working, if it was something professional.

    After I came home from diving, I turned-on my laptop to search for this underwater housing for iPhone 6.

    I don’t have an iPhone, but I like technologies combined with scuba diving.

    I wanted to collect data as much as I can to share it with you.

    Here are some important features and “how to”s about Watershot underwater housing for iPhone 6:

    • Designed for iPhone 6, not 6S (6S is bigger, you know)
    • Waterproof up to 60 meters (195 feet)
    • Has a removable lens
    • Works with Watershot App, which is free
    • Anti-fogging desiccant comes with the product (however, diver I met on dive boat has forgotten the anti-fogging desiccant, but he didn’t suffer fogging)
    • You can take both videos and photos by the help of the App
    • This free App also offers color filters, but the best way is to obtain a red filter designed for Watershot underwater housings.

    Well, this is a good opportunity for divers who want to become u/w photographer or videographers. This product might be the baby steps of your u/w photography career.

    However, don’t forget to test your Watershot Underwater Housing for iPhone 6 before you actually place your iPhone in it. Leaking test is the best!

    Check out Watershot Underwater Housing for iPhone 6 from Amazon.com


    Divers who share this will always see more fish in their dives
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        Do you have a housing for iPhone four?

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