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July 14, 2018

Which SD Card to Use For GoPro ?

One of the disadvantages of a GoPro action cam is the lack of a built-in memory.

We order our GoPro, waiting for it to be shipped.

I know how exciting it is to hold your first GoPro in your hands you always dreamed.

You push the button to turn it on.

But WTH?

It gives an error that doesn’t let you to take a photo / record a video just even for a test shot. 

Your GoPro tells you that you need an SD-Card.

At this point, what you should know is that NOT every SD-Card is working properly with our Go-Pros.

After trying couple of SD-Cards that didn’t really work with my own GoPros, I decided to help you with this to help you have a joyful GoPro experience.

Some SD-Cards I tried to use for my GoPro weren’t supported by my Go-Pros while some were causing a freeze while I was trying to shoot a video.

Some were working properly at first, but then were causing a “No SD-Card” error.

I also asked couple of my friends and also readers to be able to detect which SD Card to use for my GoPros.

 Two alternative models of the same brand are listed below.

These two SD-Cards that both me, my girlfriend, majority of readers and all my friends use caused no errors or any practical problems.

Both are SanDisk, micro SDXC, the only difference is that one of the mis 64 GB and the other is 128 GB.

I use both for my GoPro cameras.


Are you new and weren’t able to locate the SD-Card slot along with your GoPro’s battery?

Watch my video below.

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