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March 22, 2013

Why Scuba ?

We are all scuba divers. We love to dive underwater and stay as much as we can. When i meet new “non-diver people” and the word comes to scuba diving, they look at me as if i am crazy. Then they ask questions like where i am diving, how deep i have dived at most and last but not least, am i not getting scared underwater…

I can imagine you smiling if you are a scuba diver, because i am sure you’re also hearing these. Yes, but sometimes i do agree with these guys. Why are we diving?

The freedomThe freedom

Underwater, you are free to do whatever you want to. Wanna fly ? You can fly.. Wanna do a flipflop? Jump from 5 meters to 30 meters? Anything you’d like to. There are divers with disabilities. Think how relaxed and equal they feel underwater.

The relaxation 

You can never ever think about something underwater. You can only focus your dive and see those beautiful creatures. You cannot think about your job, boss, teacher, girlfriend, husband.. Whatever it is. People think about their jobs and their to do list even when they are about to sleep. Underwater never lets this and gets you relaxed.

The silence

Thankfully, nobody can talk underwater. Besides, there is no creature that can yell there. No cell phone ringing, no horn, no traffic, no alarm clock.. Nothing which makes you feel safe and have a peace of mind.

The view 

Just like an Amphibious Outfitters t-shirt says for underwater: “Same Planet, Different World”. Fish, sponges, rocks, caves, corals, wrecks … The animals are beautiful, most of them look like they have come out of space. An octopus, for example, has 8 arms (scientists say 6 arms and 2 legs) and it is a cephalopod.


Copyright by Seaman (Murat DEMIRAG)

They all seem to be magical. You are watching a great scene every time you look around. The blue in deep water for example.. A human being would never see that tone of blue if he/she is not a scuba diver and go deep.

Millions of people have died without seeing this beauty. And millions of them will pass away without seeing it either. You can see a river, a waterfall, a great mountain.. But every single person living on this planet would also do this even when walking around as a result of coincidence. The view underwater, however, is special. And only the trained scuba divers may see it. Doesn’t this make you get excited and makes you feel your-self special ?

The lifestyle

Scuba diving is not only an activity or a sport. It becomes your life style day by day. You are learning to trust people by learning to trust your dive buddy. You are improving yourself in becoming a team member that yould also affect your carrier and your social life. If you become a dive leader, you are learning to manage stress, become an expert in controlling a group and advancing in leadership.

The peopleMeeting new people

You are meeting with new people with different backgrounds, hobbies, jobs, points of views and etc. This is a great social environment. And most of the scuba divers are companionable. We make great friendships. After having the lifestyle and meeting new people, you are realising that the 98% of your friends are divers! And you are always dreaming and talking about diving with them.

As you see, there are lots of reasons why we are scuba diving. Why don’t you go to a dive center and try it this weekend? And for those who are diving this weekend (including me), have good dives all!

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Hi, my name is Murat Demirağ. I have been diving since 1996 and teaching scuba since 2005. I wanted to share my knowledge through divewithseaman.com

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  • Pelin Kulaksız
    2013-03-23 14:55

    I couldn’t agree more.I think the most amazing part is every moment underwater is unique.It’s extreme.It’s exceptional.And it’s yours.You share the dive with fellow divers but the moments only belong to you…It’s an experience that every human being should try at least once.Enough talking,let’s dive!

  • Onur Keskin
    2013-03-24 23:36

    Reasons never ends.. I believe that underwater is the only place that we could express our inner personality. Also scuba teaches us so much things about life; to trust, to be very best in our jobs, to never ever left someone behind and many more things that i can’t list now. I’ve just got back from diving and already thinking about next one. So see you underwater 🙂 (p.s. yeah we can freefall ^^)

  • Ocean Enterprises
    2019-01-18 12:26

    For Entertainment, Scuba diving is an excellent option. When I did it first time, It was an amazing experience and I enjoyed it a lot. I read your blog and it is really true about scuba diving. Thanks for this information.

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