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September 20, 2013

Get Ready For Winter Dives

It is already end of September. This means that if you are living on the North hemisphere like me, it will start to get cold soon. Water temperature is okay for now, but it will also start to cool down in a couple of weeks. No more diving with shorties and closed-heel fins with no dive boots. We should shelve these gear for a couple of month.

Scuba diving is for fun. Nobody wants to get cold underwater. Besides fun, proper gear is a must to avoid hypothermia. But what dive gear to own this winter? Here are some suggestions for you.

Dry Suit

ScubaPro Evertec

We all know about ScubaPro. They do business since 1960’s. Evertec Dry Suit has a telescoping torso, warm neck collar, constructed by reinforced fabric. The zips are double protected with Nylon Flaps. Feet are protected by neoprene socks. You can use these alone or wear a dive boot. Front zipper is diagonal for self closing.

The feature that I like most is that ScubaPro Evertec dries quick (because of heavy duty tri-laminate material), but it is still not that heavy.

Benefit/Cost is quiet good for this dry suit.

Check out the details from Amazon.com.

Dive Hood

NeoSport Smart Hood

This hood is “smart” because it has two thickness: 3 mm and 5 mm. Parts that are on your face are 3 mm (to be able to take shape of your face’s unique contours) and the rest is 5 mm. This will also help you wearing.

The bubbles go out of the hood from the top of it and avoids ballooning. However, I found one comment for this hood that it still keeps some bubbles. The commentator says that a little work is required to take the bubbles out.

“I’m a beginning diver, and don’t want to spend a lot of money on equipment because I don’t get to go very often. I dive in southern California, so it doesn’t get too terribly cold, and this hood works great. Definitely keeps the warmth in. My only complaint is that it also tends to keep the air in. Every few minutes, I’ll notice that my hood has a bubble in it, and the vent in the top doesn’t seem to take care of it. Not too big of a deal, though; I just tap my head to force the air out and it’s good to go.”

I think every hood requires such kind of a move to be able to release the air inside.

Check out the details from Amazon.com.

Dive Glove

NeoSport Glove

This glove has a thickness of 5 mm which makes it suitable for cold winter dives. Keep your hands warm!

I am also using these gloves in cold waters. I have chosen this glove because although it is 5 mm, I can still use all of my fingers easily. Dexterity is very important for a dive instructor like me who dives every month of the year. Right now, there is a good discount in Amazon.com.

There is also a 3 mm version of this glove. If you are diving in mild, you can also check that version.

Check out the details from Amazon.com.

Dive Boots

Seac 6 mm Dive Boots

If you are a “thick tread” fan like me, your dive boots should be looking like this. Seac has produced this dive boots to keep your feet warm while diving in winter season. You know how important it is to protect our feet from cold. If feet are warm, we are warm and vice versa.

It has 6 mm, double glued stretch which is double elastic with respect to standard neoprene. Blind stitches used not to ruin the look. Zipper flaps protect the zipper and makes sure that it is locked. You know how bad it is trying to close your boots during your dives.

Check out the details from Amazon.com.

Get ready for the winter. Gear up!

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