8th of June: The World Oceans Day 2013

We walk, eat, drink, dance, sleep, go to work, ride… While the world goes on its journey and our lives go on, the ocean is working for us. It is working every second to help people since the birth of our blue planet. Of course we don’t remember that the ocean is working for us somewhere and usually we don’t even know how the ocean is doing it. Today, I wanted to write an article about the importance of the oceans for us and give information about the World Oceans Day on 8th of June.

 Importance of the Oceans

World oceans have a huge affect on humans. We should first understand these affects to our lives.

 *Oceans as a food source

As we all know, fish are one of the best protein, vitamin A and calcium source. Not only the fish, all the sea living is beneficial for us. A sea urchin, for example has a very high volume of protein. In 100 gr of a sea urchin, there is 12 gr of protein (more than 10%). Today, 3.5 billion of people around the world are dependent to the oceans as their primary food source. It is estimated that this number is going to be 7 billion (will double) in 2025.

 *Oceans as a transporter

We use the oceans for 90% of our international trade globally. In addition, half of the international communication is supplied by the oceans by the help of underwater cables. Let’s think about it for leisure. From a European country, you can take a ship journey to America if you don’t want to take a plane and want to enjoy your travel. You are walking on the deck, inhaling the fresh ocean smell, looking at the endless blue from your cabin…

 *Oceans as an economic value

Oceans serve us as an economic value. Fishing is one of the issues that we have discussed above. A fisherman can sell the fish he has caught. Beyond this, there are fish farms to raise fish. Yes, I am against these fish farm techniques applied right now, they are polluting the oceans. But the technology is progressing and I am sure we will find a more healthy way for doing this (more filtration and etc.).

 I am sure you have seen cruisers full of tourists. This is a two-sided benefit. Tourists see, buy, taste and experience different cultures, on the other hand, the locals earn money to go on their lives.

Let’s think more “deeper”. It is known that there are more than 20 million tons of gold laying under sands of the oceans. Have you seen the Armageddon with Bruce Willis? Remember the petrol gushing out from the petrol platform! All these mean money. I know this money is not distributed fairly, but this is another story not to be talked in a scuba diving platform.

 *Oceans as an oxygen source

Have you ever heard about Phytoplankton? Don’t worry, I haven’t heard about these tiny algae either before I have searched to write this article. These swimming algae are very small and they are just like the trees in forests in terms of photosynthesis. Half of the oxygen is supplied by Phytoplankton that we need to breathe!

 *Oceans as a shelter

First meters of the oceans “suck” the heat coming from the sun to our planet. This “sucked” heat is distributed to the other regions by the help of the ocean currents like the famous Gulf Stream. This way, oceans have a great role in determining the climate.

 *Oceans as a water cycler

Tons of water evaporate from the surface of the oceans every second. This amount of water reaches out the atmosphere. When a cold layer is found, the rain starts. The water is distributed homogeneously around the world.

 History of World Oceans Day

The World Oceans Day has first been discussed by the Government of Canada during Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992. Determination of the United Nations General Assembly in 2008 has resulted the World Ocean Day to be celebrated officially on every 8th of June globally. And since 2002, World Ocean Network and the The Ocean Project is creating events around the world with museums, zoos, universities, schools, divers, fisherman and many other.

 What to Do in World Oceans Day?

Well, I am going to be in cKc DiversDiveCenter in Karaburun-Izmir with some of my dive students. I’ll wear something blue and tell my students, other divers and instructors that today is the World Oceans Day. I am planning to make a speech (not with a microphone and hundreds of people maybe, but in small groups) with these people and try to make them conscious about the oceans and why we should protect the oceans.

You can create an event on a beach near your house, holding a “World Oceans Day 2013” banner and take a photo. Then you can write this event with the information how and why to protect the oceans (you can copy this article if you’d like to).

If you cannot do these, you can make a YouTube video about the World Oceans Day, you can Tweet with #WorldOceansDay and/or post something useful in FaceBook about World Oceans Day. What I am saying is, you can “make some noise” on the social media.

 Have a good World Oceans Day 2013!


And if you are planning to create an event for the World Oceans Day 2013, you can write a guest post for divewithseaman.com with photos and/or videos. I would be glad to publish your events here.

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